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Group Therapy: Anxiety & Depression. AandD

Group Therapy: Anxiety and Depression.

The symptoms of depression and Anxiety come in many forms, and each person’s experience may differ. Still, there are many similarities that maybe found.
An individual suffering from depression may experience, feeling down or upset, feeling tearful, agitated, yet guilty, empty, or numb, isolated, unable to relate to people. They may feel a loss of confidence and low-self-esteem, hopelessness, despair and being unable to sleep. Some may resort to alcohol, drugs, food, and self-harm to sooth these feelings. Whilst the thought of suicide as a way of escape has crossed the minds of many.
Anxiety is common when a person is feeling worried, tense, or afraid. Whether it is something that has happened or is likely to happen. Anxiety is a human response when we sense that we are under threat. It can be experienced through our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Anxiety is common when feeling depressed. Yet it can manifest in panic attacks, a churning feeling in your stomach, feeling light-headed, dizzy, feeling restless, headaches, backache or other aches and pains, an increase in breathing and irregular heartbeat, sweating or hot flushes, nausea, difficulty sleeping and panic attacks.
These feelings can be difficult to talk, as many people may feel judged or experience shame for acknowledging that they feel this way. However, being able to talk about these problems in a shared environment with individuals who relate to your experience may help you understand what it is that has trigged these feeling and therefore go a long way to you overcoming them.


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