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Professional Qualifications

Professional Qualifications

Post Graduate Diploma: Clinical Suoervision.
MSc; Integrative Psychotherapy (The Sherwood Institute, Staffordshire University)
Post Graduate Diploma; Integrative Psychotherapy (The Sherwood Institute, Staffordshire University)
Post Graduate Certificate; Integrative Psychotherapy (The Sherwood Institute, Staffordshire University)
BSc (Honours); Psychology (Newman University)
Transactional Analysis (TA101)

Areas of Specialism
I have have ten years experience of working in the field of addiction and mental health.

Personal Approach
I work in a relational developmental way that encourages me to explore and understand how past experiences form who and how we are today.
The theories that underpin my work are Object Relations, predominantly the work of Fairbairn and Winnicott. Fairbairn (1941) considered the consequence of unnatural separation with ‘objects’ or ‘others’ in early relationships and the badness that befalls, leads the child to establishes internal objects, therefore substituting unsatisfying relationships with real external objects. However, with the aid of transference and counter-transference we both become aware of the client's needs, feelings, or wish for connection, and we can become aware of what has been sabotaging this process.
I recognise that many of my clients have false-self disorders in adulthood, therefore the notion of Winnicott’s (1971) ‘good enough mother’ supports my practice. I find I can evoke an adjustment in my clients’ needs through my occasional and unintentional failure and then supporting the client to recognise these normal failures that are all part of life (Price, 2016). I gradually support them to separate from dependency, thus regulating their affective (emotional) self.
I complement this by drawing on Self-psychology (Kohut, 1971), as it explores self-object relations and how these are created by a therapist emphatic immersion in a client’s subjective experience.
Through self-reflection I see I share(d) my client’s suffering, especially; deficits of self-experience, finding themselves unable to count on others to support them with their cohesive self’s.
To work through this, I offer my clients the opportunity for; mirroring, Idealising and twin-ship and transmuted internalisation. I consider this results in my clients developing a more robust and cohesive self, thereby becoming empowered enough to cope with their external world.
Further, I harmonise this with Transactional Analysis (Berne, 1965) as a client’s life script, is constructed through infancy and developed through life, often failing to meet developmental needs. Yet, I strive to meet a positive working alliance that will counteract this, as a relational contract, Adult therapist and Adult client.

Ethical Practice
I am registered with and adhere to the Ethical Code of the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI) which is a constituent member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).


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